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R&S was formed in 2001 by two Health professionals with 85 years of NHS service between them.

Medical CollageThey formed the company with the understanding of the requirements of delivering a service to the front line staff and patients. The staff working full time in NHS required temporary workers with the right skill to deliver their services and therefore R&S has always only placed staff that were appropriately trained in Trusts requiring their service. This format for running the business set us up to become a leading temporary staff provider to our clients.

One of the original founders is still the Director of the company and so the strict delivery of service of a highly professional nature still continues. The philosophy of the company is that the needs of the client/patient are paramount.

The Director and owner of the company is an Allied health Professional who has an understanding of the requirements of a multidisciplinary Health Service and continues to deliver highly trained staff to the front line service of the NHS and Private Sector.

Each part of the company is focused on care service delivery. The company is continuously evaluating itself via a set of external criteria such as QMS and NHS auditors.

The recruitment team works within the company to ensure placements of staff are qualified to fulfil the job requirements. A temporary staff member will not be place if they are not suitable or adequately experienced in the line of work required. The motto is excellent care before increased profits. People and their needs evaluated to give the best possible service.

The company has embraced technology where appropriate to expand and deliver services in a timely manner. The use of technology has enabled us to diversify in to areas and keep standards high. It allows the company to cut overheads and pass on savings to clients. We seek to always ensure value for our services and so as to give the company a stake in the future of the community. The company is flexible and meets or exceeds the complex needs of our clients.

The future of health care is changing and due to the high standards established over 12 years of service delivery. The company can continuously grow and change to meet the challenges above.

R&S Medical is approved and registered with the following organisations:

Care Quality Commision LPP NHS Framework ISO 9001 Registered Company Recruitment & Employment Confederation Member
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